You might be seeing an increase of ads from Elections Canada on when you're on social media reminding you about the upcoming federal election. The agency is spending a lot of money to advertise online leading up to the election. The Elections Canada social media ads are costly but meant to inform Canadians.

Elections Canada advertises in a lot of different ways, not just social media. You can find ads on other online platforms, TV, radio and in print. 

But the agency is really stepping up its social media game and looking to inform Canadians about the election where they spend the most time, social media. 

Natasha Gauthier, spokesperson for Elections Canada, told Global News that "it’s just logical" to have ads online and on social media because that's where a lot of voters get their information from.

Even before the election was formally called on Sept. 11, Elections Canada was already advertising on various platforms and it wasn't cheap. 

From June to Sept. 19, Elections Canada spent over $150,000 on Facebook ads alone according to Facebook's ad library

In just seven days, Sept. 13 to Sept 19., the agency has spent over $71,000 on Facebook ads.

Gauthier said that Elections Canada plans to spend about 9 percent of its total advertising budget for the election on just social media. 22 percent of the budget will go to advertising on other digital platforms. 

According to Global News, that means Elections Canada will spend just about $1.1 million on social media ads during the formal election campaign period which started on Sept. 11. 

Elections Canada is hitting all the major social media platforms and even some you might not expect with its advertising. You can see ads about the election on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google and YouTube.

The ads cover a range of topics about the election like telling people when the election actually is, what to do if you're a first-time voter, how to make sure your voter registration is up to date and how to vote if you have accessibility needs. 

On Sept. 13, more than 40 Elections Canada ads were launched on Facebook.

 A few of the ads are even in different languages to accommodate voters who speak languages other than English and French.

"We tend to target those in a specific market, where we know there are Canadian citizens who are eligible to vote, but English or French may not be their first or even second language," said Gauthier.

In the past, Elections Canada has run ads to inform Canadians about changes to third-party advertising, how to work at the federal election, when advanced polls are and more. 

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