A new emergency alert system will be tested in Canada on Wednesday, November 27. The emergency message alert will deliver a test message to compatible smartphones. There will also be a test message sent over television and radio.

The alert system, issued through Alert Ready and managed by provincial and territorial emergency management organizations, will be sent at different times in each province and territory. As of November 26, Nunavut has not scheduled a test.

Since January 2019, the Alert Ready system has been used to send 130 messages. The system was first instituted in 2010 and first used to send messages to smartphones in 2018.

"Test alerts educate Canadians on what an emergency alert will look and sound like in the event of a life-threatening situation," Martin Belanger, Director of Public Alerting at Pelmorex said in a press release. Pelmorex is the company that operates the Alert Ready technical infrastructure.

If you have bought a new phone in Canada since April 6, 2019, it will already be equipped with the capability to receive alert messages, according to Alert Ready's website.

If you are still using an older device, it can receive the messages if it is connected to an LTE network and has the latest software update.

The emergency alert system will be used to issue warnings about environmental hazards and extreme weather, as well as alerts about water contamination, fires, and even terrorist threats.

Canadians cannot choose to opt-out of the emergency messaging system.

Even though some Canadians have complained about receiving Amber alert messages directly to their phones, this system is mandatory to keep people informed of emergency situations.

Canadians actually seem more upset about the fact that people called 911 to complain about the amber alert messages. 

Alert Ready was developed by Pelmorex in cooperation with federal, provincial, and territorial governments, as well as wireless service providers and the broadcasting industry.

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