For people who love stargazing and everything else to do with the cosmos, 2020 is a year full of amazing celestial events. Keep your eyes peeled on the sky! The February full moon is the first of four super moons in a row this year.

On the night of February 8 and into the early hours on February 9, a full and bright celestial body will light up skies across Canada if pesky clouds don't get in the way. 

If you're lucky, there might even be snow on the ground when it rises in the night sky which will make the orb's name so fitting.

This is the second event of this kind this year. It is also the first in a string of super moons that will grace our skies in the next four months. 

The "super" label is giving to one that becomes full when its orbit is closer to Earth than usual which makes it appear bigger and brighter than regular full moons throughout the year.

As it rises on February 8, Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo, will follow the celestial body up in the sky around nightfall.

In Canada, this orb will mimic the same high path across the night sky that the sun takes in the summer and will stay out for more than 12 hours.

This snow moon precedes a worm one, a pink one and a flower one in March, April and May. 

According to, the one in April will be the biggest in 2020 because it will be the one that orbits closest to the Earth. 

The great thing about this celestial event is that you don't need a telescope or any other special equipment to see it, especially when it's a super one.

Later on in the month, you can also see a rare event that's similar to an eclipse.

On February 18, people across Canada can watch the waning crescent moon cover over, or occult, Mars.

The red planet will slip behind the illuminated side of the nighttime light and reappear on the dark side of it.

Depending on where you live in Canada, this will happen in either the pre-dawn or dawn hours or after the sun starts to rise.

February's snow moon will light up the sky from dusk until dawn in Canada and its high path is a reminder that longer, warmer days are on the horizon. 

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