Polling stations are officially open for the 2019 federal election, however, some Canadians claim they don't have all the information required to make an informed decision. While advanced polls are open over the Thanksgiving long weekend, some federal election platforms haven't been released yet. 

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is planning to release his party's platform Friday afternoon, however, with advanced polling opening at 9 AM ET on Friday, October 11, Global News reports this platform will come six hours after Canadians start voting. 

Justin Trudeau was also quick to criticize this move from Scheer. This morning in Ottawa, Trudeau said "Now the Conservatives are finally saying that they might release a fully-costed platform later today." 

He continued, "The reality is — and I think we all know it — you don’t release your best work at 6 o’clock on a Friday." However, despite the six-o-clock dig at Scheer, the Conservatives were actually expected to put out their platform at 3 PM ET today. 

While Trudeau is directly targetting Scheer, the Conservatives aren't the only party to release a platform late into the election period. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP originally released a platform back in June but just unveiled their fully costed platform this morning. 

Trudeau isn't the only one taking note of the lack of full platforms. Some Canadians have taken to Twitter to call out the Conservatives for their missing platforms. 

One concerned voter tweeted, "NDP just released their platform. The same day advance polls opened. This is so disingenuous it's unbelievable. How can we run the numbers and do research when we are literally standing in line at the polls?" 

In response to a tweet from the Conservatives, another said, "Who in their right mind would vote for someone who hasn’t release their platform yet?" 

Many Canadians have also been using the hashtag "No Platform Andy" after Justin Trudeau tweeted it out last night. 

In his tweet, Trudeau said "Looking for Andrew Scheer's platform? Us too..." However, that wasn't the first time the tag #noplatformandy tag had been used, with some tweets going back as far as October 7. 

Advanced polls are open in Canada on October 11 through to October 14, from 9 AM to 9 PM. The Conservative Party is expected to release its platform live on Youtube

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