It's undeniable, one of the most popular trends in foods right now is plant-based everything. Whether it's at restaurants or grocery stores everyone seems to be hopping on the vegan train and Conagra is the latest. Through their company Gardein, plant-based foods are becoming more available at Canadian grocery stores and they just announced they are expanding to bring six more plant-based products to the market. 

In a press release, the company confirmed that they will be adding three varieties of plant-based breakfast sausage — maple, spicy, and original — and three varieties of plant-based single-serve bowls — Chick'n Fajita, Teriyaki Chick'n, and Orange Beefless. 

The company also said that they were "answering the growing demand for plant-based food by expanding its line of meat-alternative dishes, including new items that feature breakfast saus'ages and single-serve bowls. The products provide a variety of meal options for the entire day including breakfast, lunch and dinner." 

While this is the latest addition in Canada's vegan market, Gardein isn't exactly a new company. They are actually already in Canadian grocery stores and have a total of 24 plant-based products available in their line. Not only are they available in Canada but they were created by a Canadian too. 

According to the Vice President and General Manager at Conagra Brands Canada, Ian Roberts, "We are very excited to continue to expand the Gardein line-up that was originally created by a Canadian chef to answer the desire for more plant-based foods!"

This latest product expansion is targetting the plant-based market but the company also caters to non-GMO customers and people who are gluten-free as well. On their website, Gardein confirms that "wherever possible, we use organic or certified non-GMO ingredients, with the majority coming from North American farms." 

They also have three different gluten-free and vegan items available. These include a black bean patty, garden veggie burger, and meatless ground "meat." 

The new breakfast sausages that were announced by Gardein are available for customers to make at home but they draw similarities to Beyond Meat's breakfast sausages, which are now available in breakfast sandwiches at Tim Hortons and A&W restaurants across Canada. 

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