Vaping concerns are continuing in Canada. A group of health organizations are calling for more vaping restrictions in Canada. The group is concerned about the risks associated with vaping and the lure of advertisement and flavours.

A group of Canadian health organizations including Heart & Stroke and the Canadian Cancer Society appealed to the federal government this morning about the political action needed when it comes to vaping and any potential health risks associated. 

The eight groups want vapes and vaping products to have the same restrictions as tobacco when it comes to advertising and flavouring. They also want the parties to commit to stopping the promotion of vaping products on TV, radio, convenience stores to name a few. 

"We've just unleashed a torrent of addiction amongst young people in Canada through our thoughtless disregard of the need for effective regulation of these products," Andrew Pipe, Heart & Stroke board chair, told the CBC. 

On September 18 it was announced that an Ontario teen has a serious respiratory illness that is linked to the teen's use of vaping products. It is believed to be the first case of a respiratory illness related to vaping to be reported in Canada.

While Canadian health organizations are calling the need restrictions urgent, other organizations don't think it's wise to strike so quickly. 

Vapors Advocates of Ontario responded to the call from health organizations in a press release and said that it is "based on a web of misinformation and confusion that could not only spell the end of the legitimate national industry, but also deny adult smokers looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking."

Imperial Tobacco Canada said in a press release that there needs to be fact-based regulations and not just blanket prohibition of these products. 

They want Health Canada to use the recent case of an Ontario teen getting sick "as a catalyst to find a balanced regulatory approach to vaping products that provides adult consumers information they need to make an informed decision, enforces restrictions on sales to minors and imposes robust and consistent product standards."

At the beginning of September, Health Canada released an advisory about the potential dangers facing Canadians because of vaping. 

"Vaping is not without risk, and the potential long-term effects of vaping remain unknown," said Health Canada in the warning.

The advisory warns specifically about pulmonary illness as a potential risk of vaping. 

"Now we're playing catch-up in Canada, and we're in an almost unforgivable situation," said Pipe. 

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