If there's one thing that Canadians have probably been missing more than anything, it's hockey. Luckily, they may be able to get back to their beloved sport. A company that specializes in hockey's protective gear is creating new items for fans and players to get back in the arena.

In a June 17 press release, Bauer announced that it has been developing personal protective equipment for both hockey fans to wear in the stands, as well as players to have while on the ice.

The Integrated Cap Shield is a variation on the widely seen plastic face shield, although this one can attach easily to the brim of a baseball cap.

It features adjustable straps, as well as a built-in anti-fog treatment that will keep your view of the game from being obstructed. 

The shield also wraps around the side of your face to provide extra protection from any people who might be in close proximity to you. It will be available to the public starting in August.

Bauer, like many other companies, has also created their own reversible facemasks, which can be worn in conjunction with the cap shield for extra protection.

Both of these items have further use beyond hockey rinks, with the company noting that they could both make great safeguards for restaurant employees.

For those taking to the ice, the hockey equipment maker has also introduced the Concept 3 Splash Guard is designed to work in conjunction with the company's existing hockey face mask.

It's designed to limit exposure to the nose and mouth while still providing breathability. It will also be available starting in August.

Bauer's masks can be machine washed, and the face shields can be sanitized and reused.

"It was a natural pivot for our team to shift from protecting players to members of the medical community in a time of crisis," Craig Desjardins, Vice President of Product at Bauer Hockey, "and now we're looking to continue our mission of protection as communities re-open and sports return."

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