Startups are getting their moment in Canada and it seems everybody wants to work for one. LinkedIn has once again released a ranking of the best startups in Canada for 2019. The list, which they call the hottest Canadian companies to work for, only has 25 spots and the competition was fierce. 

To get the rankings, LinkedIn looked at companies through the lenses of employee growth, interest from jobseekers, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well startups pulled talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies list.

Not just any company could be in the running to make the top 25. To be considered, companies had to be running for seven years or less, employ at least 50 people and be privately held and headquartered in this country. 

"With the second annual Top Startups ranking, we uncover the breakout companies commanding professionals’ attention today: the ones that are growing massively, scrambling industries, shifting talent flows around the world and, often, altering how we work and live," wrote Jessi Hempel, senior editor at large at LinkedIn, in a post annoucing the rankings. 

As for who is truly the hottest, Element AI got the number one spot in the 2019 rankings. The computer software company is headquartered in Montreal but offers jobs in Toronto, New York City, Paris, Singapore, and London. 

The startup, founded in 2016, creates and builds artificial intelligence software and has over 400 employees in Canada alone. 

There is a range of industries included in this ranking. However, like the number one startup, a good chunk of the list is in the computer software, web and software development, and other similar fields in the tech industry. 

Some different industries are also represented like health and wellness, fashion and even insurance. 

A portion of the list are startups that deal with finance like Wealth Simple and Clearbanc which have the number two and three spots respectively. 

A majority of headquarters of the startups in the top 25 are clustered in Ontario and only two are from other provinces. 

Toronto is home to the most startups on the list, taking up 20 out of the total 25 spots. Montreal has two startups while Calgary has one. Two Ontario citites, Mississauga and Hamilton, each have one spot on the list. 

While this list isn't the be-all and end-all when it comes to great Canadian startups, it's a good jumping off point if you're looking to get involved in a new company that has roots here at home. 

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