When it comes to smart home speakers we're all familiar with the Google Home. Of course then there's Alex and Apple has a version too, but what about IKEA? That's right, IKEA is partnering with Sonos to make two brand new smart home speakers. Of course, it wouldn't be IKEA if the speakers didn't have some sort of twist to them. 

Unlike regular smart home speakers, which have previously been either donut or vase-shaped, IKEA is integrating their new speakers into furniture. The speakers will be part of their SYMFONISK furniture line. For example, their first smart speaker will be built into a table lamp. The design features the smart speaker as the base of the lamp with the light part on top of it. 

The next speaker they are introducing in the SYMFONISK collection is Bookshelf speaker. This one is a bit more traditional smart speaker but is designed to look like a book and be discreetly tucked onto one of your bookshelves, either vertically or horizontally. 

However, it can also function as its own piece of furniture. IKEA sells these rail and rack systems that can be used to mount the smart speaker. If mounted on its side, it could actually be used as a bedside table or small shelf, able to hold around 6.5 pounds of weight. 

The speakers are made in partnership with Sonos, an electronics company that is already known for its various wireless speakers and sound systems. The Sonos speakers don't come cheap though, and the IKEA collection is no different. 

The table lamp speaker will retail for $249 CAD, given its extra lighting capabilities. The bookshelf speaker retails for only $149 CAD but the mounting system would cost extra if you wanted to use it as a shelf. 

 Both SYMFONISK speaker models will be launched in two different colours, a light grey/white colour and a black colour. They will both be available at IKEA Canada stores later this year, in August. 

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