Indigo has been expanding into the housewares market even more, but now the company has experienced a bit of a setback there. Indigo is recalling thousands of mugs in Canada after multiple reports of people being burned. The is also a risk of peopling being cut by the mugs. 

Indigo issued the recall after they discovered that two of their mugs are at risk for suddenly cracking and breaking apart when hot liquid is put in them. This is concerning since mugs are in most cases used exclusively for hot liquids like coffee and tea. When the mugs shatter this puts people at risk for cuts from the broken glass and also at risk for burns from the hot liquid coming out. 

The two mugs in question are both from Indigo's collection. The first is the "Everything You Need" mug, which is white, with a pink flower and black text on it. The second is the "Totally The Best Aunt Ever" mug, which is purple with white and gold text on it. 

Between the two mugs, Indigo has received 15 official reports of the mugs breaking. Only four of those cases were from the "Everything You Need Mug" and the other 11 complaints were from the "Totally The Best Aunt Ever" mug. Two of those cases actually resulted in minor burn injuries. 

The number of official reports is relatively low, but the recall is still really severe considering how many of the affected mugs are out there. Indigo reports that 1365 of the "Everything You Need" mugs were sold while 22,294 of the "Totally The Best Aunt Ever" mugs were sold. That's almost 25,000 mugs across Canada that could suddenly shatter, resulting in cuts or burns. 

The first mugs were sold between December 2018 and March 2019, which is why there are less of them, but the second kind of mug was sold between April 2018 and March 2019. 

If you have one of the recalled mugs, Canadians are asked to stop using it immediately and return it to an Indigo location of a full refund. Canada's Consumer Product Safety Act also prohibits the mugs from being sold or even given away now that they have been recalled. 

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