When was the last time you went to a Tim Hortons? Was the experience good, or did it leave you longing for the Timmies of the past? Is Tim Hortons really that bad? Well, as it turns out, Canadians are officially done with Tim Hortons, and it's unlikely that they'll ever return to the storied coffeehouse.

According to a report from National and Leger, in 2018, Tim Hortons dropped from the fourth most admired company in Canada all the way to 50th. It only took 12 months for that to happen.

It's not hard to see why, judging from the way people describe their experiences at Tim Hortons. What was once the standard-bearer for coffee, donuts, and baked goods has since become a punchline for poor service, low-quality food, and an ever-expanding menu featuring items that customers would prefer to get elsewhere.

One Redditor finally opened up about all the reasons they were saying goodbye to Tim Hortons forever. It wasn't long until many others joined in on the conversation.

The growing menu also presents a new obstacle for people just trying to get a coffee and a donut.

Of course, one of the biggest complaints about Tim Hortons is the decline in the quality of the one thing they are known for: coffee.

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