With Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party having won a minority government, they will need to get support from other parties in order to pass legislation. That includes potentially working with the NDP. On October 30, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said Justin Trudeau should contact him so they can talk about moving forward on certain policies.

The biggest issue the NDP wants to address right now is universal pharmacare, which Singh brought up during his campaign.

"A lot of Canadians wanted to see this government work with other parties. They need to work with other parties," Singh said at a press conference, according to the Toronto Star. "We’re putting out some clear conditions, some clear areas that we think need to be advanced."

Singh also addressed the second most pressing issue for his party, which is the government's appeal of a ruling to pay billions in compensation to First Nations children affected by discrimination in the child welfare system.

"Our first step is to put out our challenge and put public pressure on this," Singh said, according to Global News. "With every decision, we’re going to make our own assessment."

Singh told reporters that no one from the Liberal party had reached out to him as of yet, but that he believes the Prime Minister should contact him. 

"We spoke once after the election," Singh told reporters during his press conference. "I congratulated him on the win and he congratulated me and after that, we have not spoken."

Singh did say, however, that he is open and happy to have any conversations.

According to Global News, Justin Trudeau has said previously that he will discuss the possibility of pharmacare with individual provinces. He also said that he is appealing the child welfare ruling because the timeline imposed by the court is too tight.

Justin Trudeau was re-elected on October 21, albeit with a minority government. The NDP saw its own numbers decrease in the House of Commons from 44 seats to just 24.

During the election, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer had warned that the Liberals and the NDP would definitely form a coalition government. However, Justin Trudeau has said that he will not be forming a coalition.

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