For anyone who came of age in the 90s, Nardwuar was by far one of the most recognizable interviewers on television. The excitable and singular personality recently got a chance to hang out with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and interview him about everything from his old French teacher to holding hip hop nights in Brampton. Jagmeet Singh's interview with Nardwuar also included a bit of shade-throwing at conservative politicians.

The interview starts with a little bit of NDP history, as Nardwuar and Singh discuss Tommy Douglas, the party's founder who is mainly responsible for Canada's socialized healthcare. They also check out a newspaper clipping for a "psychedelic picnic" held by the NDP in Burnaby, British Columbia. 


As the interview rolls on, Singh discusses some of his favourite music with Nardwuar, including Canadian artists like Maestro Fresh Wes and Kardinal Offishall. Singh also talks about the bad memories he associates with Nas's album If I Ruled the World. "I used to get pulled over a lot driving my dad's car ... "If I Ruled The World", classic song, but sad that I got pulled over listening to it."

Of course, it wouldn't be an interview with the current NDP leader if a conservative politician didn't get a bit of shade thrown their way. In this case, it happens when Singh is presented with the "gift" of a vintage Brian Mulroney PC Party button. "I might want to give this back to you," Singh says. "It's tough to be a politician, so I recognize the hard work of anyone who gets into it, but this guy made life worse for people so I am not supportive of this person at all."

Of course, it wouldn't be a Nardwuar interview without a go on the Hip Flip, Nardwuar's party toy of choice. Singh seems more enthused about politicians who have done the Hip Flip than others. Once he learns that Stephen Harper not only refused to do it, but had Nardwuar carried away by security, he is all in.

The interview received positive responses on Reddit and Twitter, where even people who weren't necessarily supporters of Singh had to admit that it was a fun interview.

Singh closed out the interview by saying "I care about people. I've been through some of the struggles that people go through, I've seen some of the hardship that people face, and I really want to make things better and I know we can if we work together." Of course, he actually closed out the interview (in classic Nardwuar style) with a spirited Doot Doola Doot Doo, Doot Doo!

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