Canada's political leaders usually get all the attention, especially around election time. But the spouses of our political leaders are just as, if not more, intriguing as the leaders themselves. Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur might not be the most well-known person in Canada but she's pretty interesting. 

You've probably heard all about Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, but lately, Gurkiran Kaur is taking Canada by storm, especially after she dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

Kaur isn't just known for her amazing Halloween costume this year or for being Singh's wife. She's got a lot of things going for her and is special in her own right. So, if you haven't been keeping up with her, here are eight facts you need to know.

She's a fashion designer. And a pretty good one at that. It's no surprise she went into fashion and became a designer when you see her amazing fashion sense.

Kaur is also an entrepreneur. She co-founded Jangiiro, a "new age" Punjabi clothing line, with her sister. According to the brand's website, it offers unique Punjabi clothing that is customized for each customer.

Kaur also puts her fashion skills to good use not just by designing clothes. She revealed that she picks out what colour turban Singh wears each day. Sometimes it was just a colour she liked but sometimes it was to go with her outfit. 

Kaur and Singh both wore clothing from Jangiiro at their wedding back in 2018. 

Speaking of their wedding, Kaur married Singh on February 22, 2018 at a destination wedding in Mexico. They had a traditional Sikh ceremony next to the beach in Cancun and it looked incredible. 

We're guessing our invitations got lost in the mail. 

The couple stayed in Mexico for their honeymoon after the ceremony. 

Kaur is a vegetarian and isn't shy about it, often sharing photos to her Instagram of mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan meals.

Her good for the world mindest doesn't end there. She also does international humanitarian work.

Kaur is from Brampton which is where Singh ran unsuccessfully in the 2011 federal election and successfully in the Ontario provincial election that same year. Singh's brother is also an MPP in Brampton. 

And if she couldn't be any more amazing, Kaur actually likes the campaign trail. She was out there working for Singh's campaign in his Burnaby South riding by recruiting volunteers and going door-to-door.

"I think campaigns are so much fun. I love the energy. I love the family that you create in a campaign mode," Kaur told the CBC. "So that to me is always the most rewarding part. It's been a good ride."

While Jagmeet Singh didn't become the next Prime Minister of Canada, you'll certainly be keeping Gurkiran Kaur on your radar now.

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