In 2020, are you even married if your spouse doesn't brag about you on social media? Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur got a shout-out from her husband on Instagram and he revealed that she's more badass than we thought. Talk about husband and wife goals!

To celebrate International Women's Day, the NDP leader shared touching tributes on Instagram to some of the "powerful" women around him, including his mother and people in the New Democratic Party.

"I read something about how little women's stories are researched and shared," he said in the post's caption. "Though from different walks of life, what unites these women is a drive to build a better world."

The most intriguing tribute though was the little snapshot he shared of his wife which revealed some pretty interesting facts about her.

Kaur is accomplished in her own right and it turns out she's way more badass than we thought.

According to Singh's Instagram post, she's a martial artist with a red belt in tae kwon do.

Once you get a red belt, all that's left to get is a red and black stripe one and then a black belt.

Like we said before, badass!

Kaur is also a basketball player and was a starter on a team that won the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) championship.

Singh also shouted out her academic achievement and shared that Kaur is an economist with a business economics degree from York University.

Along with her other accomplishments, the politician also noted that Kaur is an entrepreneur.

She co-founded Jangiiro with her sister, a clothing company that makes custom Punjabi garments. 

Along with being an activist and community organizer, Kaur has worked with the international non-profit organization Khalsa Aid that provides humanitarian aid in conflict zones and disaster-stricken areas.

Singh ended off the shoutout to Kaur and said that she "stole the show and captivated a nation during the federal election."

She even told the CBC that she liked being on the campaign trail with her husband, recruiting volunteers and going door-to-door.

"I think campaigns are so much fun. I love the energy. I love the family that you create in a campaign mode. [...] So that to me is always the most rewarding part. It's been a good ride."

Just a couple of weeks before this recent shout-out to Kaur, the couple took to Instagram again and posted touching messages to each other for their two year wedding anniversary.

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