Jill Scheer appeared more prominently in the national spotlight earlier this year when her husband, Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer, began campaigning around Canada to be the next prime minister. Since then, the media has built her up to be a super mom of five children and a dedicated partner to Andrew. It’s only natural for Canadians to want to know more about Jill Scheer, particularly her education background.

The Globe and Mail reported that Jill grew up in Regina and got her degree in elementary education from the University of Regina. While her mother stayed home to raise four children, her father was a child psychologist. Perhaps she was influenced by both parents when she made the decision to go into elementary education.

More recently, Jill has been described as an “extreme mom” by Kenzie Potter, the Conservatives' Principal Secretary and Andrew Scheer’s chief political advisor. In a Global News article, Potter noted that “Jill puts together fun gifts and treats for her kids for holidays and other special occasions.” This sounds like something an elementary teacher would do for a class, but it really just shows how much Jill dotes on her kids.

On top of taking care of her own kids, Jill has also been babysitting Potter’s weeks-old baby on the campaign tour. She takes over whenever Potter has a briefing or meeting and the baby can’t be there. “Not because I have to, but because I want to,” Jill told Global. 

In another Global article, Jill discussed the challenges of sheltering her children from negative attention, especially on social media. She notes that it’s impossible to completely protect them from this, “You can have the news on and they see something, or hear something on the playground at school.” With her background in elementary education, Jill may have extra tools and methods for carefully handling this with her own children.

In a 2018 interview with Ottawa Life, Jill said, “It's hard when someone says something about a person you love — and it can be hard for the kids especially when directed at Andrew — so there is a part of that you must deal with and manage.”

If Andrew Scheer manages to be Canada’s next prime minister, Jill (and the kids) will have even more to deal with in the national spotlight. Canadians will be voting for their next leader on October 21.

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