The Federal Green Leader and her partner are total couple goals. Her and her now-husband, a fellow Green politician, are adorable together. It turns out that John Kidder and Elizabeth May met years before their speedy, fairytale romance.

When Elizabeth May isn't busy hustling before the election, she's spending time with her partner and the two are total goals. While we can watch Love Island and hope that our one is out there, Kidder and May are setting the tone for how you should choose a partner. Relationships built on shared passions, love and trust rather than reality TV are definitely the way to go. 

If you thought Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were the perfect duo, you seriously need to reevaluate. These two Green party politicians are a match made in heaven.

Plus, their passion for saving the environment makes them the ultimate power couple. 

The pair recently tied the knot but it turns out the two met years before their speedy romance; proving that when the time is right things will work out. 

In case you needed more reason as to why these two are goals, we are giving you all the highlights. You’ll be setting your standards as high as your goals after this. This is a love story for the ages and we are living for it. Watch out world, they are about to take you over.

They Are in the Same Career Field 

While it might be a nightmare for some of us to picture working with your significant other, it has worked amazingly well for Kidder and May. The two are both Green party politicians meaning that you know they share the same views of the world. 

They Got Married on Earth Day 

What better way to show their love for each other and their love of the world than to marry on Earth Day? In Victoria, B.C. the beautiful ceremony took place that included a mix of Indigenous and Western symbols. 

Not to mention, May looked gorgeous in her white gown and flower crown.

It Was the Greenest Wedding Ever 

Not only was the wedding green due to both the bride and groom's careers; but it is also being declared as one of Canada’s greenest weddings ever. 

According to the National Observer, the couple planned on taking a train for their honeymoon in Toronto and Ottawa. During which time, they will be without access to cell service for a full week. 

The dynamic duo also tried to keep the event as low-carbon as they could that indued emission-fee shuttles, re-used flowers, potluck reception, and locally gathered centrepieces.

They Are Both Incredibly Successful

May has served as the leader of the Green Party of Canada since 2006. Kidder is married to one of the best-known faces in politics but that doesn’t mean his own career has taken a back seat. 

Kidder has deep connections in the Green Party. In fact, he was one of the founders of the provincial Green Party of B.C. 

If anything, the two help each other prosper as they have perfectly matching views on everything. 

Their Love Story is Worthy of a Disney Movie

According to CBC News, Kidder met May through politics five years go. At the time, he was running as the Green Party candidate in the B.C. elections in the Fraser-Nicola riding. 

May offered her help with the campaign and the rest is history. Kidder even told CBC that "she was so gracious and so charming and so lovely that I was kind of carried away.”

After crossing paths several times throughout their career, the couple connected again in September while in Vancouver for a Green Party convention. 

After a month, Kidder proposed because he “couldn’t help himself." 

Just Look at Them 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these two are madly in love. They are utterly adorable together and May even said she was “deliriously happy” after marrying Kidder. 

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