We've all probably been in a situation where someone we know attempts to jump in an elevator to scare another rider. However, according to one Torontonian, jumping in an elevator comes with its consequences and it's not just the risk of it breaking down. Carl Song states that he was charged $875 for lightly jumping in his condo elevator

Carl Song told CBC  that he and his daughter were taking the elevator at his CityPlace condo building when Song decided to lightly hop on one foot in attempts to keep his daughter occupied throughout the ride. 

However, once he started hopping, the elevator suddenly came to a stop and the pair were trapped in the small box for over an hour. 

Once Song was able to safely get out of the elevator, he approached his condo desk the next day to tell them about the incident. However, the front desk informed them that he could expect a bill from the condo board. 

Quality Allied Elevators told CBC that elevators are designed to stop if a hop is detected for safety reasons. They state that if the car accelerates even a tiny bit, they halt the elevator to prevent any safety issues. 

About a month after the incident, Song received a bill for $875 from a service technician due to the malfunction that was caused by 'user misuse'. 

However, Song claims that this chargeback is unfair to his family. He tells CBC that these kinds of incidents happen on a weekly basis and that the elevators are frequently breaking down. 

Song believes that he was not misusing his the elevator. However, when he didn't pay the bill by the deadline, the company responded with a notice of lien and they were forced to pay the fine. 

It looks like this may not just be a Toronto issue, but rather a nationwide one. A few years ago a Vancouver condo owner took to Reddit to express their concerns after they were charged for a similar incident. 

According to the Reddit user, his elevators clearly read 'no jumping, running on the spot or any movements that may cause the elevator to break down.' 

When the user was on the way to the gym, he was doing squats in the elevator, when the elevator stopped moving. Later on, he received a letter stating that he owed $100 for the manager working after hours. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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