Despite pointed slights on the campaign trail, things seem to have been smoothed over between Canada's Prime Minister and Ontario's premier. A Justin Trudeau-Doug Ford meeting was described as "phenomenal" by Ford. The two politicians were seen laughing together.

Trudeau and Ford met in Ottawa for a meeting on Friday to talk about their shared issues and priorities like investment in infrastructure and supporting business and entrepreneurs in Ontario.

The two were smiling during the pre-meeting photo op and both said the meeting would focus only on the issues they agree on rather than the contentious topics.

"We're obviously not going to agree on everything, but the things we do agree on, I look forward to working respectfully, collaboratively, cooperatively in ways that are going to benefit the people of Ontario and indeed people right across the country," Trudeau said before the closed-door meeting. 

In Ford's post-meeting press conference, he was very positive about the Prime Minister and their discussion.

In fact, he said that he thought it was "a phenomenal meeting."

Trudeau and Ford have been on different sides of issues in the past, most notably the carbon tax. 

Just days after Trudeau won a minority government in the federal election, Ford told reporters that his government would continue with its legal challenge of the carbon tax

During the election campaign, Trudeau often criticized Ford as he fended off the challenge of Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. 

But could these two be friends after all of that?

Canadians on Twitter were pretty confused by the friendly vibes between Trudeau and Ford. One person even asked, "has Ford had been replaced by a body snatcher?"

Another person said, "Doug Ford is being weirdly nice to PMJT today."

Maybe it's a one-way thing, though, as the Prime Minister's office said the meeting was "constructive... business-like," according to CTV News journalist Glen McGregor. 

Ford's reaction after the meeting was also different than other politicians' responses after discussions with Trudeau. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Scheer both left their meetings with no praise for Trudeau.

But, with Trudeau and Ford actually laughing together as they talked about Ford learning French, maybe this could be the start of a friendlier relationship between the two?

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