Justin Trudeau has been in the negative spotlight for the past few days after a photo of him wearing blackface came out on Wednesday night. It was discovered throughout the week that Trudeau has actually worn blackface on multiple occasions. With Trudeau already being in the hot seat, Canadians have been scrutinizing his every move. Now, Canadians seem to be offended by Trudeau's newest Twitter picture. 

In the middle of the blackface scandal that the Prime Minister of Canada has been dealing with over the past few days, instead of deciding to lay low, Canadians also noticed that Trudeau was rebranding his Twitter by swapping out his profile photo. While this may seem harmless, many Canadians were quick to pick up that it didn't just feature the Prime Minister in it. 

In fact, in the profile picture, which was actually posted on September 11, Trudeau is seen side by side in a posed photo with a person who is black. Twitter users were quick to comment on how staged the photo looked, especially after his blackface scandal. 

One Twitter user even stated that the changing of the photo was Trudeau's "rhetorical equivalent of saying 'I have black friends so I can't be racist.'" 

While the new profile picture was posted long before the blackface photos came out, many Canadians just noticed it now and were quick to share their opinion. Another user stated, "Just in! Trudeau changed his profile photo to include a black kid. Who...is...advising...him? Contrived & staged stunts have no place in crisis management."

Many Canadians were quick to follow, with many feeling offended by the swap in the photo, while others just agreed it was a ploy to make the Prime Minister look more accepting after his blackface scandal. 

Of course, while it is clear that Canadians are offended by Trudeau's newest Twitter pic, it isn't as new as seem people think.

While some Canadians think that this photo is directly related to the blackface scandal, the photo was originally posted as Justin Trudeau's Facebook profile picture back on September 11, prior to the blackface photos being released. 

A representative for the Liberal Party confirmed to Narcity that the photo was posted to Justin Trudeau's Twitter and Instagram profiles as well on September 11, the day that the election was officially called. This is exactly one week before the blackface photos were first released. 

Trudeau is currently doing some damage control since the blackface photos have leaked. After apologizing to the media, he also plans to apologize to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in private abut the issue. 

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