One of the biggest things that people can't have during this time is a simple haircut. As such, everyone is probably starting to look a little shaggy. That includes Justin Trudeau, whose hair has gotten noticeably longer during his self-isolation.

Over the past few weeks, the Prime Minister has talked about how serious the situation is, the need for social distancing, the government's plans to keep people afloat, and the dangers of speaking moistly.

What he has not addressed is the fact that by staying in Rideau Cottage on his own, he has been unable to have anyone come by and trim his hair.

Hair salons and barbershops have also been forced to close across the country, leaving many Canadians without the option of taking a bit off the top.

As such, Justin Trudeau has started to look a little bit shaggy on top, and people are starting to notice.

"Does anybody else think that trudeau's hair is getting a little wild? we see this man regularly every day now it's the little things," wrote Twitter user hannahkayetuck.

"I'm oddly pleased to notice that Justin Trudeau, like the rest of us, has not had his hair cut since the lockdown began. Setting an example," wrote lisang.

Other Canadians took note of Trudeau's messier hair during his latest address to Canadians. Some even wondered if he was dying it, due to the noticeable grey in his beard but none on top of his head.

"Trudeau must have stocked up on hair dye though... his head and his beard are totally different colours!" commented TO_Resident.

"Nah, par for the course. I’m 8 years older than Trudeau with barely a noticeable grey hair on my head. But my beard? Almost all grey," read a reply from ssolyom.  

The last time anyone got this concerned over the Prime Minister's hair was back when he grew his now-familiar beard during a family trip.

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