The Prime Minister has left the building. Well, he's going to be leaving the building soon, but only for certain things. Justin Trudeau's isolation is coming to an end and he's leaving his house for the first time in almost four weeks.

During his daily press conference on April 8, the Liberal leader announced that he would finally be leaving Rideau Cottage after being in isolation for three weeks.

"Cabinet will be meeting this afternoon," he said. "As usual, most cabinet members will be on the phone and I will be attending this one in person to discuss next steps."

Trudeau hasn't attended any meetings in person or even left his house besides going outside for press conferences in almost four weeks because of COVID-19.

Even though his 14 day isolation period has long since ended, the Prime Minister has continued to work from Rideau Cottage.

"I will continue to work from home day in and day out as we're asking most Canadians to do. There will be moments for strategic meetings or particular issues where I will go into the office," he said.

His main focus while going out is to get legislation passed.

Trudeau spoke during his press conference about getting support to Canadians as soon as possible and said, "We're calling on the opposition to join us in bringing the House back to pass legislation."

He noted that there has been a shift towards delivery of that wage subsidy that was promised earlier.

"That is something that we're going to continue working on extremely hard and that's one of the reasons why we are so eager to see parliament pass the legislation necessary," Trudeau said.

Both the Prime Minister and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau had gone into self-isolation because she started showing flu-like symptoms and shortly after that on March 12 it was announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, Canada's first lady has recovered and gotten the all-clear from doctors which she posted about on Facebook.

After that, the PM continued to work from home even though his wife no longer had the virus and his 14 day isolation period was over.

Now the Prime Minister will be leaving Rideau Cottage on occasion for important meetings.

When he does go to his actual office and not his home office, he said he will take all the proper precautions.

Trudeau did note that most of his work will still be done from home by phone.

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