For the second time in short a few short weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting called out on Twitter for failing to understand the concept of ‘personal space.’ Not even a month after he was accused of getting a little too close to Canadian tennis superstar Bianca Andreescu, Trudeau is now under fire from some Canadians once again, this time for space-invading a lady in Iqaluit.

Posting on Twitter on Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister shared a somewhat emotive picture of himself and a lady in Iqaluit. To caption the image, he added, “Xav took this photo yesterday in Iqaluit. It’s a special memory for me.” Trudeau went on to explain, “It connects two groups who are so important in the fight against climate change: elders and our kids.”

While the picture was likely intended to invoke an emotional response from his followers, things didn’t really seem to go to plan for the Prime Minister.

Instead of showing their support, several Canadians responded to the picture to ask Trudeau why he seemed to be so close to the woman in the picture and accused him of not seeming to understand the concept of "personal space."

Eager to let Justin Trudeau know that he seemed to be leaning inappropriately close to the woman in the picture, several Canadians took to Twitter to respond to his original post. 

One Canadian tweeted to say, “Why do you get up in everyone's face when you know the cameras are about to take a photo? You and your handlers stage so many public appearances and look kind of cringy.”

Another added a similar message, responding to say, “Could you be any closer? Why not just sit in her lap?!”

Several other Canadians had similar messages to share with the Prime Minister regarding his alleged disrespect of other people’s personal space. 


Another simply asked, “Why did you have to get so close? Don't you understand about personal space??”

This isn’t the first time the Prime Minister has been called out for seeming to disregard the personal space of others. Back in September, Trudeau was criticized by some Canadians for the way he interacted with 19-year-old Canadian tennis champion Bianca Andreescu.

That said, he is far from the only politician to be called out for behaving bizarrely. During the Maclean’s/Citytv leaders’ debate in September, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was also accused of behaving "creepily," after he was seen staring and making unwavering eye contact during the event.

With the Canadian federal election now just mere days away, it seems every image, video clip, and tweet from the country's political leaders is up for criticism and debate.

Canadians will head to the polls on October 21.

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