It has been just one week since the 2019 federal election campaign officially began, and all of the party leaders have been throwing themselves head-first into campaigning. However, it seems that in Justin Trudeau's Twitter video, posted on Monday, he may have been behaving a little too enthusiastically on as several Canadians accused him of acting like he was either drunk or high.

Just after 6:30 p.m. on Monday evening, Justin Trudeau shared the 14 second clip with his 4.6 million Twitter followers, adding the caption, “I’m about to go on stage at our rally in Windsor tonight! #ChooseForward.” 

The video shows the Prime Minister excitedly talking about the rally he is about to attend in Windsor, while considerable cheering can be heard in the background from Trudeau supporters. “Their energy is incredible,” he says, before enthusiastically adding, “We have a big choice to make, I choose forward!”

However, it seems that Trudeau’s excitement was mistaken for something else by a number of Canadian Twitter users, who accused the Prime Minister of behaving like he had taken drugs before the rally.

One Twitter user replied to the Prime Minister’s video to say, “Geez man stay off the drugs looks like your as high as a kite!!!”

Another Canadian also felt the same way, responding to Trudeau's video to ask, “Did our tax dollars pay for that whatever drug you took before recording this?”

One person simply responded to say, “Are you high?”

One Twitter user even took the time to screen-grab a close-up shot of Trudeau’s eyes during the clip, sharing the photo in response to the Prime Minister’s tweet. The user added, “Check out those dialated [sic] pupils…”

Another Canadian agreed that Trudeau seemed to be behaving oddly in the video, responding to say, “Seriously. Look at how high he is! Lmao!”

Despite the responses that accused Trudeau of acting like he was either drunk or high, there was also a number of Canadians that responded to praise the Prime Minister for his enthusiasm when campaigning.

One person tweeted to say, “You look so excited...As always, you’re so spontaneous and articulate on stage!”

Another simply added, “You gotta love Justin Trudeau’s energy.”

As it is predicted to potentially be one of the nastiest elections in Canadian history, it is likely that there will be no shortage of critical comments in response to all of the party leaders’ tweets in the coming weeks!

The 43rd Canadian federal election will take place on October 21.

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