Canadians are given an inside glimpse into politicians, their lives and their families thanks to social media these days. Justin Trudeau's wife and family, in particular, are always in the spotlight. When you're related to the Prime Minister you're guaranteed to be in the spotlight and his family seems to be used to it now. 

Now, the Trudeau family being in the spotlight is not only because they're always photographed out and about by paparazzi and photographers at official events because of who they are and what Trudeau does. Often times that spotlight comes from Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau posting about their family on social media.

But usually when your mom or dad posts about you on social media it's an embarrassing Facebook post that only other family members end up seeing.

With the Trudeaus, whenever they're on social media it's for the whole country and the whole world to see.

Both Trudeau and Grégoire Trudeau post about their kids on social media a lot. It's often them just doing "regular" family stuff like having fun in the outdoors, making dinner and walking to school. 

Sometimes the Trudeau family is in the spotlight thanks to official political outings that then get posted on social media like on trips to other countries and promoting things like Pink Shirt Day. 

And sometimes Trudeau even gets a special surprise visit while he's at work.

It's interesting to note that on Trudeau's Instagram, a lot of the photos of his family are on the more official side but Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram features lots of fuzzy quality, home photos. 

The mix of photos taken on what seems to be a really old Nokia and the nice quality ones offer a good glimpse into what it's like to live in the spotlight thanks to Canadian politics. 

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