With health care professionals and government agencies still concerned about the effects of vaping, one company is changing up which products they offer to Canadians. Juul's fruit flavoured pods won't be sold in Canada anymore after a temporary halt in production. Other Juul products and flavours will still be available here even once flavoured pods are no longer sold.

As of January 15, Juul has stopped the production of some of its flavoured products, including the mango, vanilla, fruit and cucumber ones.

Because of this move, new stocks of those items won't be available for purchase in Canada.

However, the company won't be pulling the flavoured vaping packets that are already stocked on store shelves. So if distributors and retailers still have those products in stock, they'll be sold until there are none left.

After that, the pods won't be restocked because no new ones are being made.

In a letter to retailers and distributors, Juul's president Michael Nederhoff said that the company is interested in "resetting the vaping category, [and] earning the trust of society."

Though they won't stop the production and selling of the mint flavoured pods or the tobacco ones. 

According to the Financial Post, the decision to stop selling these products in Canada comes after it removed flavoured products like mango, cucumber, fruit and creme from the U.S. over the last two years.

North of the border, Health Canada is considering having stricter regulations on vaping products after people claimed the rules surrounding the industry don't go far enough.

The government agency issued its first serious warning about the habit in September 2019. 

Canadian provinces have also taken their own measures when it comes to rules and regulations.

In Ontario, a ban on the promotion of vaping products in gas stations and convenience stores came into effect on January 1 in a move to keep the products away from young people.

Nova Scotia completely banned flavoured e-cigarettes and juices across the province which will come into effect on April 1.

That ban is also meant to keep these kinds of products away from young people who might be enticed by the flavours.

However, the federal government hasn't banned flavoured vaping products.

Juul's flavoured pods might not be off the shelves forever though.

Nederhoff said in letter that Juul will consider re-introducing them "under the guidance and regulation of Health Canada."

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