Look up! There's a cool celestial event to look forward to this month. The Lyrid meteor shower in Canada reaches its peak on April 22 and streaks of light will shoot across the dark night sky. As a bonus, you don't even have to leave the house to see it happen.

If you're bored at home and craving something interesting to do, how about watching shooting stars?

The Lyrid meteor shower takes place this time of year from around April 16 to April 25.

For 2020, the celestial event picks up late at night on April 19 before reaching its peak during the predawn hours on April 22.

Between midnight and dawn will be the best time to watch for a chance at seeing a shooting star streak across the sky.

This is actually the first meteor shower since January so it's pretty special.

If you want to watch this celestial show, you'll want to make sure there's a dark sky without light pollution first and foremost.

Then you'll find Vega, a star in the constellation Lyra.

All of the meteors radiate from there and that's where the shower's name comes from.

You can expect to see about 10 to 15 meteors during the peak.

You don't need any special equipment to see this event though it could take your eyes 15 to 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness.

However, cloudy skies would complicate things so hopefully the weather cooperates!

During the peak, the moon will be a very thin crescent so its light won't get in the way of viewing the meteor shower.

The Lyrid meteor shower comes from a comet and every year in April, Earth passes through the orbital path of that comet and we get shooting stars.

It's also one of the oldest meteor showers.

At the end of the month, a huge asteroid will fly by Earth and you can see it with a telescope or on a live stream.

It's the biggest one that will soar by our planet all year.

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