Michael McCain, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, made waves after sharing comments about the Iran plane crash on Twitter. The executive's words led to some people calling for a Maple Leaf Foods boycott. However, not everyone has been so quick to dismiss the company yet.

The hashtag #BoycottMapleLeafFoods started trending after McCain shared his opinion on the deadly Iran plane crash that counted 57 Canadians among the victims. His statement was shared through the official Maple Leaf Foods Twitter account.

One of the tweets that appeared to be the most overtly political read "U.S. government leaders unconstrained by checks/balances, concocted an ill-conceived plan to divert focus from political woes. The world knows Iran is a dangerous state, but the world found a path to contain it; not perfect but by most accounts it was the right direction."

This was followed by another tweet reading "..A narcissist in Washington tears world accomplishments apart; destabilizes region. US now unwelcomed everywhere in the area including Iraq; tensions escalated to feverish pitch. Taking out despicable military leader terrorist? There are a hundred like him, standing next in line."

While the hashtag to boycott the company gained ground, a second, more positive hashtag emerged. People began tweeting supportive messages tagged with #BuyMapleLeafFoods

"Are you kidding me? So do we not have the duty to call out warmongers. To not look the other way in the company of evil?
Regardless of who we are. I like 🍁 Foods products even more now. So it will still be in my shopping cart. #IStandByMapleLeafFoods #BuyMapleLeafFoods" Twitter user @jennybcsilly wrote in a reply to a #BoycottMapleLeafFoods tweet.

"#BuyMapleLeafFoods for remembering that unbridled capitalism is not a good thing, and that increasing share holder value at the expense of one’s ethics is treason of the soul, and the values that make a society function. Well done Mr. McCain," wrote @Sandenn.

Still, the #BoycottMapleLeafFoods hashtag continued to find support from people who felt it wasn't McCain's place to say anything.

"Condolences to those who suffer(ed) bc of Iran tyrrany: Iranians, Canadians, etc. I support all actions that hinder&destroy such regimes Mr CEO, you should be canned soon because your employees' jobs are at stake when you defend tyranny #BoycottMapleLeafFoods" wrote @eugenvizitiu.

Other Twitter users seemed to pit the two hashtags against each other even more directly.

"Dear right-wing trolls & bots: Your #BoycottMapleLeafFoods will fail. CEO @MichaelHMcCain fought through a deep sense of loss to nonetheless say something w/clarity & accuracy. And your 'boycott' will only motivate ppl to buy more Maple Leaf foods," wrote @EdtheSock.

"In the Twitter war #buymapleleaffoods vs #BoycottMapleLeafFoods it looks like #buyMapleLeafFoods is winning by a landslide .... also seems to have real people not polluted with cowards behind fake profiles" wrote @JIMrichards1010

Canadian investigators are currently looking into exactly what happened during the fatal plane crash.

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