The international community is coming together to take on a common cause. Countries are even showing love for each other in big ways. Switzerland recently lit up the Matterhorn with the Canadian flag and it was a beautiful tribute.

On April 25, the mountain village of Zermatt, Switzerland, projected Canada's flag on the side of the Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in Europe.

"The big country with beautiful landscape and nice people suffers from the coronavirus like all other countries," the village's tourism board wrote on Twitter. "We send a sign of hope and our best wishes. #hope #Zermatt #Matterhorn."

Director of Canada Switzerland Tourism Pascal Prinz shared the photo on his Twitter feed as well, writing "we share our #hope and #solidarity with the wonderful people of Canada and around the world."

There is a new projection on the Matterhorn every day according to the Zermatt tourism website. You can see the projections live via webcam.

For the last few days in April, a different country's flag has appeared on the mountain, with Pakistan the latest.

Some of the other messages that have been projected onto the Matterhorn include "#hope," "dream now, travel later," and "#AllOfUs."

The project was started in association with light artist Gerry Hofstetter. It began on March 24 as a way to offer messages of hope to the people of Switzerland and of the world.

International relations are more important than ever, with countries needing to cooperate and coordinate on all fronts to fight the pandemic.

Canada has worked with its allies to acquire much-needed PPE but has also faced hurdles such as the US President ordering 3M not to send masks across the border.

While the country is on the road to recovery, Canada's Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has said that there is no "proven path" back to a new normal.

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