People’s Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier, is certainly not afraid to share his opinions on social media, particularly when it comes to climate change. Since the beginning of the month, Bernier has posted several tweets referring to climate activism as ‘alarmism,’ and has accused 16-year-old Greta Thunberg of being “clearly mentally unstable.” On Friday, as thousands of Canadians strike for the future of our planet, Bernier has spoken out again, this time referring to the climate crisis in Canada as an “irrational fear.”

In a tweet on Friday morning, on the same day that thousands of young Canadians will skip school to demand more serious climate action, Bernier made it clear that he would not be personally supporting the strikes.

Sharing an article that suggested meeting the Paris climate agreements would have "minimal benefits," Bernier wrote, “On this day when irrational fear will be on display in the streets of our country, take a few minutes to read this clear and dispassionate analysis of the high costs and minimal benefits of policies based on climate alarmism.”

This comes only one day after Bernier took to Twitter to call out Greta Thunberg and her family, accusing them of coordinating “attacks against free speech.” That was the third time Bernier had taken aim at the 16-year-old climate activist, after first calling her “clearly mentally unstable,” and then suggesting she couldn’t possibly understand climate change.

In response to Bernier’s tweet, several Canadians called the party leader out for his unwillingness to listen to scientists on the matter. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Please read my new book titled ‘My Life in Denial’ - Maxime Bernier.”

Another added, “Yes Max, everyone is wrong except for you and your merry band of conspiratorial white supremacists. The climate scientists, the geologists, the carbon experts, the environmentalists, the economists... all the experts, all wrong. Makes sense.”

While Bernier is clearly intent on having his opinion heard, it seems so is Greta Thunberg! During her fiery speech in Montreal, moments before the Canadian climate march kicked off, Thunberg was asked by a journalist, “Why are grown men in powerful positions so afraid of you?”

To that, Thunberg replied, “I don't understand why grown-ups would mock children and teenagers… when they could do something good instead? They must feel like their interests… are threatened by us.”

She went on to add, “We should take it as a compliment that we are having so much of an impact that people want to silence us.”

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