With the federal election set to take place on October 21, and early voting already completed by a significant number of Canadians, candidates appear to be doing and saying whatever they can to gain any last-minute support. PPC leader Maxime Berner took to Twitter to share his opinions on immigration and multiculturalism even further.

In a tweet from October 15, Bernier wrote, "There is no place for radical Islam in Canada. We need a values test to screen out potential immigrants who share this barbarian ideology. The multiculturalist Left refuses to recognize it, but all cultures and values are NOT equal."

In the tweet, Bernier also shared a video of Younus Kathrada, a Muslim cleric who lives in B.C., saying of the Canadian federal candidates, "They are all evil. Every single one of them." Kathrada also says in the video that every candidate "supports the zionists against Muslims and Islam."

Kathrada, who has lived in Canada for 45 years, previously received media attention when he appeared to say that Muslims wishing people "Merry Christmas" is the worst sin they can commit.

"If a person were to commit every major sin, murder, committing adultery, dealing with interest, all of these sins, if a person were to do all of those major sins, they are nothing compared to the sin of congratulating and greeting the non-Muslims on their false festivals," Kathrada said, according to CTV News.

Bernier's call for a values test does not come out of the blue. There had been previous discussion of such a thing earlier in the campaign.

Justin Trudeau was asked about the Quebec Premier's plan to implement a test for immigrants coming to the province during the French language debates. The test would be focused on French proficiency and Quebec values, according to Global News.

Maxime Bernier has been clear on his immigration position throughout the campaign. In August, Bernier proposed building a border fence between Canada and the U.S. He also claimed that immigrants are making life in Canada more expensive.

According to CBC's Poll Tracker, the PPC is currently polling at 2.5 percent.

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