It wasn't a good night for a landmark in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Canadian Museum For Human Rights vandalized in eight different spots late in the night on February 25. Two other places in the city were also defaced with similar graffiti on the same night.

The Canadian Museum For Human Rights told Narcity that staff don't know exactly when the vandalism happened but it was sometime on the night of February 25.

Several external walls of the museum and the sidewalks were defaced in eight spots.

In red spray paint, two of the markings on the walls said "land back" and "is this the future you want."

While nobody has claimed responsibility for the vandalism and nobody has been charged, based on the words that were spray-painted at three different locations, people have connected this to ongoing protests and demonstrations.

According to 680 CJOB, Constable Rob Carver said that the police were made aware of the defaced property early in the morning.

"We're investigating them as linked," he said. "I get that people are upset but I'm unsure how this action gets anyone's message across."

Carver also added that these markings show just how passionate people are about the demonstrations of solidarity happening all over Canada.

Along with the museum, the Manitoba RCMP D Division headquarters and MP Dan Vandal's office were also defaced with similar graffiti.

The RCMP building was spray-painted with phrases like "land back", "shut down kkkanada", "no more" and "f*** RCMP."

At the MP's office, "stolen land", "u fail us", "do better", "shut down kkkanada" and "land back" was written on the exterior walls and windows.

Someone posted a photo of the vandalism at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on Reddit but took the picture down after.

However, people still responded to the incident.

One person said, "it's sad that someone felt like this was the way to vent their frustration."

"There are some extremely frustrated and angry people right now on both sides of a long standing issue," another said.

According to Global News, other spots of the museum were spray-painted with "f*** kkkanada" and "ACAB" which stands for 'all cops are bastards'.

Protests in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en Nation have been happening across Canada for weeks now and some have been forcibly shut down.

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