There's never a boring day in the service industry. A Freshii in Brandon, Manitoba, is praising their staff after they had to deal with a man who refused to wear a mask, and then caused total chaos in the restaurant. The whole thing was captured on video.

On August 24, the first day that masks were mandatory in Brandon, a man came into the Freshii location inside the 900 block of 18th Street.

After refusing to wear any sort of face covering, and subsequently getting angry with staff, the man destroyed several displays and actually took out a piece of the wall.

Freshii Brandon took to Facebook to address the situation, and described it as "an unfortunate event during difficult times."

The company wanted to send a public message to the employees who had to deal with the man.

Two staff members were working that day and they handled the situation professionally, calmly and kindly.

"We are sorry you were a part of this situation but so proud of you both for putting your concern for our business, our guests and our loved one's health first," the post said.

Freshii Brandon said they're disappointed that there hasn't been an apology for the damage, or to the two employees, who were just doing their jobs and following provincial rules.

Rayanne Henry was one of the employees working when this man came in.

She posted about her experience, and shared security camera footage of what happened.

Henry asked the man to take one of the free masks at the front door and wear it while in the restaurant.

He said, "You don't want to f*cking go there with me. I will blow you up all over the f*cking internet. I have a respiratory disease and I will not be wearing one."

Henry says she attempted to explain to him that there's a pandemic going on, and it will harm him if he has a respiratory disease.

"We're not in a f*cking pandemic. You either serve me or call 911," he replied.

That's when he destroyed all of the front displays in the restaurant, and took a piece of the wall.

He left in a Dodge vehicle, with someone else behind the wheel and a license plate that wasn't from Manitoba.

Henry later updated her post and confirmed that the man had been identified.

This isn't the first time that somebody has been infuriated by being asked to wear a mask. There was even an anti-mask protest in Toronto.

Another man was tackled and arrested in Montreal for refusing to wear a face covering in a Tim Hortons.

On the other hand, a man in Toronto destroyed a pizza display case because someone else wasn't wearing a mask.

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