Nobody is ever going to win an Emmy for robbing a bank, but the Manitoba RCMP felt compelled to make a comparison between Breaking Bad and a recent robbery.

The authorities reported in an August 27 tweet that a man dressed in a jumpsuit and wearing a respirator, along with a black baseball cap and gloves, entered a bank in Landmark at 10:00 a.m. on August 26 and requested money using a note written on a whiteboard.

He apparently left after just two minutes with what the police said was "an undisclosed amount" of money. Police compared his appearance to Walter White, the fictional science teacher/meth dealer played by Bryan Cranston.

To be fair, though, White preferred to go with a yellow jumpsuit while he was partaking in his illegal activities, but close enough.

Police are asking anyone with any information on this incident to contact the St. Pierre Jolys RCMP at 204-433-7433.

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