Do you ever see something and think, ‘only in Canada!?’ This was the case for a number of people who saw a post from Winnipeg Police’s official Instagram on Friday afternoon. The post, which was liked way over 100 times, showed members of the Winnipeg police force getting involved in a completely impromptu game of street hockey! So Canadian, it hurts!

According to a post from the Main Street Project, a charity which ‘serves the needs of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable residents,’ they were in the middle of hosting their second annual Martha Street Summer Festival when the random hockey game broke out between their staff and police officers. 

While the make-shift road hockey arena was set-up for attendees of the festival to play a game, organizers didn’t seem to expect Winnipeg’s police officers to get so involved in the game. In a post to their official Instagram page, the Winnipeg Police Service explained, “This happened yesterday! An impromptu street hockey game broke out on Martha Street between the staff from the @mainstreetproject and our #WPSCadets.”

That said, the post neglected to mention which of the two won the game- leading us to believe it may not have been the police cadets! The post concluded, “Not gonna say who won - just thanks for the great game!”

In a similar post on their own Instagram, the Manitoba-based charity Main Street Project thanked all of the people that were involved in their Martha Street Festival.

Sharing a photo of the impromptu hockey game, they wrote, “Thanks to the wonderful volunteers from @jcfswinnipeg for helping out today and making this event possible,” adding some hockey and hot dog emojis for good measure.

The post from Winnipeg Police Service went down a treat with their followers, with several users applauding the officers for getting well and truly stuck in with the game.

One person responded to say, “Love this!” While another wrote, “Right on!”

One man even said he would try and take the activity to his own workplace, writing, “Never anything wrong with an impromptu game of street hockey. Gives me an idea to try this at my place of employment.”

Whether or not the Winnipeg Police Service were asked to get involved in the match, or did so because their Canadian-ness meant it was impossible not to, one thing is for sure: Never, EVER, say no to an impromptu game of hockey in Canada! Never!

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