The east coast is in for a storm. With tropical storm Isaias, Canada is expected to get heavy rain and windy conditions in at least two provinces starting tonight.

According to forecasts from Environment Canada and the Canadian Hurricane Centre, Isaias should be reaching Quebec and New Brunswick this evening after it passes over New England.

The expected impacts for Canada are heavy rainfall...and moderate gusty winds.

Environment Canada

Winds reaching up to 50 km/h are predicted for tonight in the Eastern Townships and St. Lawrence River regions in Quebec as well as New Brunswick, which could also experience 70 km/h gusts on Wednesday.

Heavy rain of up to 60 millimetres is expected to fall over parts of southern Quebec in the span of just two to three hours, which could lead to potential flooding in some places.

Isaias might also end up mixing with another storm system over Quebec earlier on Tuesday, which could possibly bring more rain further west into Montreal.

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