The Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton welcomed some new additions to the family in August when two male jaguar cubs were born. The Magnetic Hill Zoo jaguars took some time to grow up, but they recently went outside for the first time to play, and it might just be the cutest thing ever.

The unnamed jaguar babies have already become a hit, playing, eating, and bothering their mom, BJ in the warm sunlight.

"At this point, they're starting to explore a lot more," Gabrielle Jacob, a registered veterinarian technician at the zoo told CBC News, "trying new things, jumping up on benches, jumping up on rocks, trying to play with balls, pumpkins. Anything we give them is play at this point."

While the young jaguars do not yet have names, the Zoo will be asking the public to help name them in November. According to the Zoo's Facebook page, the cubs and their mother get about four hours of outdoor time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (weather permitting, of course).

Of course, that amount of time might end up being shorter depending on what the jaguars want, as the zoo staff have said that they trust the mother's instincts for how long the cubs can stay outside.

When the cubs begin to get older, they will be moved to two different zoos. According to Jacob, this is so that BJ and the father jaguar, Rio, can be reunited.

"They don't get to stay here just because the father wouldn't allow it," Jacob told CTV News. "That's his female and even though they are technically his sons, that's his female and he would not want them near her. He's very protective."

Videos posted by the Zoo on their Facebook page show the cubs climbing on rocks (and their mom). Zoo director Jill Marvin told CBC that both cubs seem to have their own distinct personalities.

"The bigger guy is a little bit more of a mama's boy. He follows her around, he plays a little bit harder," Marvin told CBC. "The little guy is just a little bit more independent."

In other cute animal news, the Calgary Zoo recently had their own fun baby event when a penguin had its own gender reveal party. Of course, earlier in 2019, they had to say goodbye to a baby giraffe that tragically passed away

The Toronto Zoo, however, announced in July 2019 that it would be featuring its own baby giraffe sometime in 2020. 

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