The people have spoken. A survey published recently by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies paints a grim picture of what Canadians really think about the recent rise in new COVID-19 cases and where we're headed as a country.

And it's not good.

According to the survey conducted from September 18-20,  with 1,538 Canadian respondents, 50% of them believe the worst of the crisis is yet to come.

In addition, 69% of Canadians reported that within the next three months the country will undoubtedly return to lockdown with businesses shutting their doors once more and residents asked to stay home for the second time. 


This could largely be due to Canadians possibly letting their guard down after returning to work and resuming their social lives. 

This is reflected by the 63% of Canadians who reported having relaxed in terms of adhering to public health safety measures, which has prompted health officials to remind the public of basic measures to keep in mind. 

Still, if there is one thing Canadians are staying on top of, it's wearing a mask out in public spaces and being so sweet about it.

87% of respondents said that wearing a mask was a civic duty that protects fellow Canadians from the virus. 

Respondents also said that they wore a face covering because it's the right thing to do and not because it was forced upon them as a result of government regulations and public establishment rules.

In addition, 88% of respondents said they were against anti-mask protests while only 12% said they supported the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, only 21% said wearing a mask went against their personal freedom.

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