There's never a dull day in Canadian politics. Now the leadership race for one political party is causing quite a stir. The next Green Party leader could be a former Liberal MP if the party gets its way. But we'll have to wait and see.

The Green Party's interim leader Jo-Ann Roberts has revealed to the CBC that she's considering former Liberal and now Independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould for the position of leader.

"I'd like to have a conversation with her [to] see what her vision is, what does she see going forward," Roberts told the CBC.

Even though there hasn't been an actual conversation between Roberts and Wilson-Raybould yet, the party is still hoping that Wilson-Raybould will consider the position.

Roberts also said it's possible that Wilson-Raybould would be willing to replace Elizabeth May as leader.

May and Wilson-Raybould have been supporters of each other for a long time. 

When May announced she would be stepping down as Green Party leader, Wilson-Raybould called her a "dear friend" in a tweet and said, "I know your passion, determination and thoughtful advocacy on the environment, true reconciliation [with Indigenous peoples] and [democratic] reform will be ever-present."

And May has, in turn, showed her love for Wilson-Raybould even though it caused some controversy. 

In September, May went to a rally for Wilson-Raybould in Vancouver and spoke at a podium that had a sign that read "re-election Jody Wilson-Raybould."

Wilson-Raybould and a Green Party candidate were running in the Vancouver Granville riding during the election and May's appearance led to some questioning about her support of her own candidate. 

Back in May, The Canadian Press reported that May even offered to step down from her position as leader if Wilson-Raybould wanted it.

She declined. 

"Elizabeth asked her once before, and I think because they'll be working together quite closely in the House, I'd be very surprised if Elizabeth is not doing the recruiting," said Roberts.

At the end of October, May revealed that she wouldn't stay on as Green Party leader for the next four years but it was unclear how long she would remain in her position. 

A little more than a week later, May announced that she would be stepping down as leader but remain as an MP for her riding of Saanich—Gulf Islands.

Now the hunt for a new leader is on.

Roberts has already reached out to other potential candidates but she hasn't said publically who those people are. 

The Green Party's leadership convention is on October 4, 2020 in Charlottetown.

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