Now that's something you don't see every day! Two humpback whales in Newfoundland put on a splashy show for an unsuspecting family that was out fishing off the coast. The majestic creatures lept out of the water right in front of their boat, and the whole scene was captured on video.

Sean Russell was just planning to find fish during his trip to Conception Bay with his daughter, but they got quite the surprise while they were out on the water.

Posting a video on Facebook, the Newfoundlander shared their once-in-a-lifetime encounter with two majestic humpback whales.

Russell was filming the open water after he and his daughter had initially spotted the aquatic animals. When he turned his camera towards the head of the boat, the two whales breached and splashed down right in front of them.

Talk about perfect timing!

Both of the critters leapt out of the water and spun around in the air, before coming back down again with a huge crash.

Russell described the show as "humpback ballet."

His daughter turned around with a stunned expression on her face, moments after she saw them emerge from the water.

"What do you think of that?" Russel asked in the video.

As the whales swam away from the boat they breached a few more times, which had the young girl screaming in excitement.

"That was beautiful," he said, moments before one of the whales breached for the last time in the clip.

Russell told the CBC that the animals had been feeding nearby and had been doing their own thing for a short while.

Then, it all changed.

"They came right up to us, and we thought we may have spooked them or something, but they dove right under our boat," he explained.

That's when he pulled out his camera and started filming, and it's a good thing he did!

"To have two of them spin was absolutely amazing," Russell said of the first breach. He described the moment as an experience with his daughter that he'll never forget.

While it was surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it's not that unusual to spot whales on the east coast.

At the beginning of July, beachgoers spotted a pink whale near Newfoundland that possibly got its rosy colour from smashing down on the surface.

It seems humpbacks aren't the only friendly sea creatures! A beluga swam back and forth underneath a woman's kayak back in June, and she described it as a dream come true.

In 2021, Nova Scotia will become the site of a sanctuary for whales that were once held in captivity. There will be a visitor centre, a nature trail and viewing spots.

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