Canadian winters can be nasty pretty much everywhere in the country. However, some places have felt the brunt of this season more than others. Newfoundland snow totals are more than 335 centimetres this winter and an active storm track is to blame for the wicked weather.

If you don't live in eastern-most province, count yourself lucky that you didn't have to deal with this brutal season.

The snowfall totals for most parts of the province were above average in December and January while February is on track to be near normal.

St. John's has already gotten more than 335 centimetres of snow dumped on it this winter which is almost 100 centimetres more than the average for the year.

According to The Weather Network, the province has gotten the consistent snow that's been missing from other parts of the country this winter.

There is a possible culprit for all flakes that have fallen, the storm track for 2019 and 2020 that goes right along the region.

"Newfoundland has certainly been the target zone, as an active storm track has brought system after system just south of Atlantic Canada," said Jaclyn Whittal, a meteorologist with The Weather Network. "This position of the track has allowed for cold air to produce more snow on the northwest side of the storms."

Instead of having storms with a rain and snow mix that's typical along the coast, most systems brought in just snow.

On Reddit, one person from Newfoundland made a post that said, "I never thought I'd miss our usual freeze-thaw. I'm tired of saying "worst winter that I can remember" to everyone I see but it really is though."

Lots of people are feeling the same way about the season.

"Amen brother, been complaining about the same thing all winter," one person said.

Somebody else replied, "I’m right there with you."

On January 17, a huge storm moved through the province and dropped 76.2 centimetres of snow in a single day on St. John's.

The led the city to issue a state of emergency that ordered all people to stay home and get off the roads.

Even though spring officially arrives on March 19, there is no guarantee that winter weather will stop so there could be more snow added to the total.

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