It's a pretty amazing thing to be surrounded by orca whales, and yet that's exactly what happened to Newfoundland native Jake Parsons. As he and his friend, Rick Chubey, were out on Parsons' boat fishing for cod, the pair managed to capture an entire pod of orcas near Salmon Cove, Newfoundland swimming all around them!

Most people might be a little bit worried about a group of giant killer whales swimming around their tiny fishing boat, but Parsons and Chubey obviously can't contain their excitement for such an amazing natural sight.

"Seven of them is heading straight towards us!" said one of the men in the video. Someone else says, "That's crazy!" The whales quickly pass beside and even under the small boat. "What a video!" someone added.

No kidding! The video has already received over 150,000 views on Facebook and been shared over 4700 times!

People had some big reactions to the video on Facebook, where it was originally posted. One commenter noted that being in that small boat surrounded by whales might be a bit scary.

Parsons felt safe the entire time, even though he was surrounded by killer whales. He told CBC, "I had two other guys with me that I could have given to them and took off!" Other commenters noted how amazing this would have been to see in real life:

Of course, at least one person didn't lose sight of what these guys were doing out on the water in the first place:

Though, "getting that cod" might not have been so easy. After all, Parsons and his friends had to compete with all of those killer whales!

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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