Brace yourself, Newfoundland! According to meteorologists, the “storm of the winter” is approaching and it’s going to cause mayhem across the island. The huge winter storm is expected to bring a massive dumping of snow and gusting winds. Environment Canada has issued surge warnings, blizzard warnings and wind warnings — yikes!

The government agency is telling residents to prepare themselves for Thursday's enormous blizzard, issuing several serious weather warnings across the Avalon Peninsula, Burin, Bonavista, Clarenville, St. John's and Gander.

Meteorologists have predicted hurricane-strength gusts of up to 140 km/h on Thursday night, during what is being called the “biggest winter storm of the year” for the region.

If those wild winds weren’t enough to keep you indoors, near-zero visibility is also expected, as 50 to 70 cm of blowing snow will fall in the Avalon and Bonavista regions.

The scary conditions are expected to begin on Thursday afternoon, lasting through Friday and possibly into the weekend.

Wanda Batten, a local meteorologist with Environment Canada, told CBC News, “This is the worst [storm] I’ve seen in years.”

Batten went on to add, “This is the big blizzard you're gonna be talking about for years to come."

Environment Canada is also warning travellers in the province to stay off the roads, as conditions are expected to be treacherous for both drivers and pedestrians. 

Air travel is also likely to be disrupted. St. John's International Airport Authority is advising all passengers to check with their airline on the status of their flight before heading to the airport. 

Airlines WestJet and Air Canada have both posted travel advisories online, waiving change fees for flights scheduled from now until Saturday.

Ahead of the blizzard, the Canadian Red Cross in Newfoundland is urging locals to keep their phones charged, and keep essentials such as blankets, booster cables, windshield fluid, warm clothing and snacks in all vehicles.

"It's quite a significant storm with regards to how wide and how strong and intense this one is gonna be," Batten told CBC News.

For updated weather statements and warnings in your area, you can click here.

Stay safe, Newfoundland! It's going to be a wild one.

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