This Monday, the RCMP were hard at work as they raided an illegal cannabis store near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Through this raid, RCMP discovered a variety of illegal substances, including lego-shaped edibles that contained enough cannabis to kill a child.  Two men have been charged in this incident. 

*Update May 8, 1:04 PM: RCMP has issued an amended statement rolling back their earlier claim that the drugs found "could be a fatal dose for a child."

Earlier: In their raid, the Halifax RCMP went in to Timberleaf Alternative Medical Society on Monday and seized thousands of dollars worth of cannabis-related products. According to CBC News, there were a variety of cannabis-infused items that would appeal to children. Among these, were edibles that were shaped to look like lego blocks. 

Since the raid, two men have been charged and the RCMP told CBC that they expect other charges to be laid during the rest of the investigation. 

One of the bigger concerns of this case is that cannabis-infused edibles are not yet legal in Canada, and while they are expected to become legal this fall, there are a lot of rules that will be put in place to ensure that these products do not appeal to children. 

MTL Blog states that some of the regulations the government has outlined to ensure that these products are not appealing, include no exciting flavours or shapes that may appeal to a younger audience. Which means lego-shaped edibles that contain enough weed to potentially kill a child, according to the original statement*, is not legal now and will not be legal in the future. 

According to CBC, multiple doctors have issued their concerns about edibles in the past. The IWK Health Centre in Halifax stated that it has had to deal with three times the amount of cannabis calls to its poison lines last year and some children even ended up in intensive care after ingesting products that contained weed. 

A few months ago, Narcity covered a story where an Oshawa dad had baked some weed cookies, only for his child to take them to school and share them with his elementary friends. The children consumed the cookies before falling extremely ill and ending up in the hospital. 

This was the second time that students have brought weed cookies to school in the city, and a similar case occurred only months prior when an 11-year-old student and his friends shared the cookies and multiple class members fell ill. 

Police are warning parents that they need to be aware of the implications that cannabis has on younger children and make sure that all cannabis products are out of reach and none of them appeal to a younger audience. 

*Editor's Note: This article has been updated. 

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