Stealing is wrong, and no one should ever do it. That being said, the people who still choose to break the law by stealing tend to do so with a little bit of stealth. After all, the last thing a thief wants to do is get caught, right? Well, one thief in Nova Scotia doesn't even appear to be trying all that hard. His Halifax thefts are being carried out by literally just leaving with unpaid merchandise.

Sure, it may not seem like all that much of an effective strategy, but this suspect has apparently carried out 12 thefts across the city already by basically just walking into a store, grabbing whatever he wants, and just walking right back out without paying.

According to a release from the Halifax Police, these thefts have been occurring since October 9, with the most recent having taken place on November 4. The suspect has allegedly left stores with items including cigarettes, lottery tickets, alcohol, and even small appliances.

The thefts have taken place at locations including an Atlantic Superstore (which got hit twice), a Shoppers Drug Mart, and two NSLC locations, along with a number of convenience stores and gas stations.

While police did not describe the exact methods for shoplifting that this suspect is using, the release does state that he enters the store, finds what he wants, and then he just leaves. It's not exactly the most elegant method of thievery, but it appears to be working.

Halifax Police already had to deal with a serial thief in August who committed three knifepoint robberies in a matter of minutes. 

They've also had to deal with some pretty silly stuff, like a man getting locked inside of a liquor store after it closed.

That being said, the police have released photos of the suspect and are asking for the public's help in identifying him. The suspect is described as "a white man in his 40s-50s, approximately 6’ tall, 170 lbs, with grey hair and a beard," according to the release.

Anyone who might know who this man is can contact the Halifax Regional Police directly at 902-490-5020. They can also call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) to make an anonymous report. People can also submit tips anonymously at or the P3 Tips App.

Halifax police are also looking for information regarding the shooting of football player Triston Reece.

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