As much as nobody really likes to admit it, a majority of Canadians have been guilty of going over 100 km/hr on the 400 series. A majority of those in the fast lane always seem to be going well over the speed limit during their morning commute. According to Ford's Government, it's because the speeding laws are outdated and in need of some change. The provincial government is now looking into increasing the speed limit on the 400 series highways. 

According to City News, Ontario Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek announced on Monday that the province will review the speed limits that are currently put in place on the 400 highway series. He states that the limits that were put in place in the 70s are outdated. 

Those limits that were placed in the 70s reflected a time where Ontario was in an energy crisis and speed limits were lowered in a way to conserve fuel. 

While Yurek hints at this speed increase, he won't say for certain until next week what this speed increase will amount to. He states that the new legislation and pilot projects will be introduced soon.  

Although a speed increase isn't the only thing that the provincial government is looking into. 

According to City News, the new legislation that will be introduced on Thursday is called Getting Ontario Moving and will also look at tougher fines for people who drive too slowly in the passing lane. 

It will also look at increasing fines for those who speed in construction zones as well as those who speed near tow trucks. 

These changes come after Ontarians have been calling for major speed increases for quite some time. 

Narcity reported back in March that a number of Ontarians were calling for a speed increase on the 407. Since the 407 is a privately owned road that is meant to enable drivers to get to their destinations quicker, Ontarians feel that the speed should be increased to reflect that. 

It seems that those Ontarians may not have to wait much longer as the normal 100 km/hr speed that much of the 400 series reflects may be changing in the near future. 

The increase in speed wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Ontario. Currently, BC raised it's highway limits to 120 km/hr while New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan have limits set to 110 km/hr. 


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