We all have our strategies on dealing with pandemic-induced stress. One town, however, has taken it to the next level. Residents in Ingersoll started an Ontario dance party that spread throughout their whole neighbourhood.

A video posted to Facebook on August 19 showed the town of Ingersoll participating in a socially distanced dance party. Now, the town is trying to continue the momentum and host another event.

“This challenge developed from an idea on how to communicate with neighbours we hadn’t seen or talked to, really since the winter due to [COVID-19],” resident Nancy Moulton told Narcity.

The residents chose the most fitting song for their community dance party: Dancing in the Streets by Martha & The Vandellas.

"It was a great night with the majority of the street coming out and dancing, waving and participating in this event,” Moulton continued.

After working up an appetite dancing, the residents were handed ice cream sandwiches to celebrate!

Now, they want to host a bigger and better event. How, you ask?

“By involving possibly a local radio station and having a regular time slot [for] our song to be played. All residents will tune in at that time and come outside and we can communicate, wave and enjoy each other even if only for a couple of minutes,” said Moulton.

According to CTV News, that could be every Wednesday at 6:30.

Ingersoll residents George McMaster and Karen Quaegebeur, both of whom work at the Ingersoll Music Academy, provided the neighbourhood with the music set up and even a drum set! 

They want the phenonema to go city-wide.

"I would love for every street in Ingersoll to meet the challenge and do their own performance,” McMaster told CTV News.

People from all corners of the province have dealt with the pandemic in cheerful ways.

Just last month, a group of neighbours executed their own morale boost by turning their laneway into a shared green space for the community's families.

In a video posted at the beginning of the pandemic, Markham healthcare workers can be seen dancing in a viral video after one of their patients recovered from COVID-19.

Ingersoll, though, is taking things to the next level right here.

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