As Canada gears up for another federal election, its candidates have once again found themselves in the national spotlight. Despite the fact that most of the country is focused on Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Andrew Scheer, it's a member of the Green Party who is stealing headlines this Thursday. An Ontario Green Party candidate has resigned after facing backlash over controversial comments about Muslims.

The Green Party's federal candidate in the Ontario election of Simcoe North, Erik Schomann, has faced accusations of prejudice over a 2007 Facebook post. Schomann received heavy criticism from The National Council of Canadian Muslims over a post in which he appears to joke about mailing pieces of pig carcass to Muslim protestors.

The NCCM urged Schomann to step down over the picture which shows himself and others roasting a pig along with the caption: "We sent the left-overs to Denmark in support of the protesters of the Muhammed comic."

According to Global News, Schomann's post is a reference to the 2005 controversy when a Danish newspaper published cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammed.

The artwork sparked criticism from Muslim groups, eventually leading to several violent acts being carried out by extremists.

It is forbidden in Islam to depict Muhammed.

“We call upon the Green Party of Canada to drop Mr. Schomann as a candidate,” said the NCCM's Executive Director Mustafa Farooq in a statement.

“While we greatly cherish the free speech rights of all Canadians, when you start promising to mail pieces of a pig carcass, you can no longer stand with the integrity and moral commitment that all those who wish to be elected must have”.

“Sending pieces of a pig carcass, of course, is a practice amongst members of the alt-right who believe that sending pieces of a pig will intimidate our community. Indeed, prior to the Quebec City Mosque shootings, a pig’s head was left at the mosque,” the post added.

The NCCM announced on Thursday afternoon that the Green Party had accepted Schomann's resignation. 

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