April showers bring... hail? That was certainly the case for parts of of the province on Tuesday night April 7. Places including the GTA and London faced quite the Ontario storm last night, which even saw fist-sized hail batter some areas.

On Tuesday evening and into the morning hours, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and stupidly large hail plummeted down.

According to The Weather Network, thunderstorms and significant precipitation drowned many cities in Ontario, especially southwestern areas like Windsor, Essex, Leamington, and Chatham.

Thankfully, most people in Ontario are spending their time indoors right now, and that's probably a good thing, looking at some of this footage.

However, although we may not have seen the excitement going on outside, plenty of residents sure heard it. 

Thanks to social media, pictures and videos were shared of the crazy storm and it looks way too scary.

The size of the hail which fell seemed to vary from as small as a nickel to way bigger than a toonie. In fact, some photos show hailstones taking up most of some people's palms.

The areas where larger hail was reported were in north London but it reached all the way to some parts of Toronto in smaller sizes.

Those who managed to hear what was happening outside made sure to capture the moment and share it onto their social media pages.

And some of the footage was pretty apocalyptic, which didn't escape the notice of many residents, especially considering what's going on in the world right now.

"It wasn't apocalyptic enough right now, so Toronto added some hail to the mix," reads one tweet, while sharing images of the tiny particles of hail that managed to leave its mark in the city.

This isn't the last bit of extreme storms Toronto and parts of southern Ontario will likely face this month.


But this deluge of apocalyptic hail is a not-so-subtle reminder that winter weather is still not over.

After all, Ontario was expected to be hit with thunder, snow and even a possible tornado this week.

But nobody really predicted this hail, which also smashed northern U.S. states like Michigan and Illinois.

According to TWN, temperatures are expected to continue dropping before the weekend rolls around, with winds up to 70 km/h expected on April 10.

And we thought we'd seen the last of winter.

We should be so lucky, eh?

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