There’s a lot of quintessentially “Canadian” things that make this great country so wonderful. There’s maple syrup, moose, hockey, Tim Hortons and, of course, our painfully brutal Canuck winters. Now, one company has decided to truly out-Canadian themselves, by designing an app that’s being called the "Uber" of snow removal. 

We live in a very snowy country, and we’re no stranger to seeing mile-high piles of heavy, slushy white stuff, just clogging up the sidewalks, driveways or roadside.

Now, in what is an extremely Canadian marketing move, one landscaping company has decided to branch out into the digital world, and they’re calling themselves the “Uber” of snow removal and landscaping.

According to a press release from EdenApp, Canadian residents are “ready for the storms ahead” but are seeking a more “convenient” way to order removal services.

Using the company's app, Canadians will be able to instantly request their seasonal services, without having to make a full-season commitment or sign a contract.

Just like your own Uber after a big night out, the service will show up at the destination, pick up your snow, and deliver it to a much more appropriate location!

The hilariously Canadian app is based on ride-sharing type services, with the intention of making pesky slush-removal simple and quick for locals.

Like ordering a cab, you simply post the clearing service you’re looking for, and you’re given a quote from the company with the expected cost of the job.

You can then confirm or reject the price, and if accepted, the job is posted to a nearby contractor.

Like a wintry version of an Uber driver, the contractor will pick up the job and begin work. 

When it’s finished, the customer is sent “after” photos of the lot, to prove that it’s all done and dusted!

It’s a bit of a weird idea, but it’s definitely Canada-inspired!

The new service currently operates in the GTA, Ottawa, and Southern Ontario, including Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Burlington, Cambridge, Oshawa and Cobourg.

For a more detailed explanation as to how the service works, you can check out the EdenApp website.

The "Uber" of snow removal — don't ever change, Canada!

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